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Encourage and support healthcare, education, charity, research & training
The ForSight Foundation is a a non-profit organization dedicated to helping enable all human beings to live a healthy, productive and harmonious life, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or national, political or educational background.
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+1000 Volunteers and many partnerships
Our Mission
The ForSight Foundation (FF) was started as part of the Eye Foundation of America in 1993, then it became an independent organization in 2001. All along, the FF’s mission was to healthcare, education, charity, research & training, both nationally and internationally. Since then the FF has initiated and supported many successful projects through private donations and cooperation with other NGOs (academic, charity, religious, and scientific).
Our Projects

Our Partners
(Past and present)
Partnerships yield transformative results. Together with our mission-driven partners our work has been reaching thousands and thousands worldwide.
What our beneficiaries say about us
“They told us we needed to go to America to get the needed care. We don’t need to go to America, you brought America to us!”
S.F (mother of a child who needed surgery)
“Not only you gave me my vision back, you gave me my work back, you gave me my life back!”
S.M (A pharmacist who recovered vision after surgery)
About the NCLB program: “Not only the families are grateful, the whole country is grateful and we will use your program as a model for the whole country. We need your help.”
F.K (Undersecretary of health education in upper Egypt)
“The reverse mobile clinics are a great tool to help the patients, train the doctors, and our whole healthcare team…”
L.M (Hospital director)
“The greatest gift to these doctors is to fulfill their thirst and need for training… Thank you”
A.S (Physician, trained by FF and now training others)
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  • ADDRESS: 3120 Collins Ferry Rd; Morgantown, WV
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If you are interested in donating for a particular project, please include the project name in the memo.
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